Kalamazoo Speedway:

World Series Notes

1. Midwest Compact Touring Series rules apply for this show. Please note if you have any questions please email Midwestcompacts@gmail.com

2. Payout will be done after all cars have cleared tech.

3. This will be a Rev X Oil National points event. The Lane Automotive North Series will get a flat 75 appearance points and qualifying points.

4. The top 20 cars will be locked in through qualifying. There are no planned provisional, but Midwest Compacts and Kalamazoo Speedway reserve the right to add one driver each. Jake Albright and Paul Bittle have earned starting spots with WS Qualifiers wins at Birch Run and Springport.

5. The A Feature will not have a break out time, but the B and C Feature will have a .250 of a second break out rule. NO SAND BAGGING ALLOWED FOR B and C FEATURE.

6. Non Members will race for $25 less a spot. Example B pays $1000 for a Member a Non Member would pay $975 to win.

7. Mad House Restarts all features. Spinner and Spinnee rule with one lap to tap or both go to the back. Zero Tolerance on aggressive driving. Midwest Compacts and Kalamazoo Speedway reserve the right to park any driver that breaks the code of conduct rule.

8. Please visit www.midwestcompacts.com for our series rules. Please email Midwestcompacts@gmail.com before you think you can’t race.

Thank you,

Midwest Compacts, LLC.