Merritt Speedway:

9-1-19 Salute to the Troops 30 
News and Notes

1. We have reset the field so all new cars are welcome. The rules are posted on our website at under the rules and forms tabs. You can run under Midwest Dirt Rules or Merritt Speedway 4cyl rules. If you have any questions please contact our tech team.

2. There will be no hot laps just like in July. There will be four qualifying races taking the top five out of each. There will be two odd and even last chance races taking the top to two out of each. There will be 24 cars starting in the 30 lap feature.

3. Payout as follows:

A Feature

$3000,$1100,$600,$400,$300,$250,$225,$200,$190,$180,$170,$160,$150,$140,$130,$120 out.

Non-Transfer Cars $75

4. Non-members race for $25 less per a position. Example non-member would receive $2975 if they win the A Main. You will draw for position when you pay for your pit pass. Draw closes at 6:00PM. If you arrive after the draw you will start at the tail of the assigned heat race.

5. Please contact 312-722-4433 if you have any questions for the event.

We look forward to seeing everyone there and hope to have 50 plus cars this time around.

Thank you,

Midwest Compacts LLC.