Midwest News and Notes:

This is going to be bit longer than the normal post, but there is a lot to cover for the final two months of the season. The amazing part this is going to be the richest few weeks coming up at the end of August.

1) August 31st, will of course be the 5th Annual World Series of Compacts. I’m going to have the payout this week. We have some great sponsors in Instant Cash, Prime Designs, and Howe Patio and Window that’s going to make this great. This will be a points race for the Rev X Oil National Points and Lane Automotive North Series. The Rumors of this being non points is false.

2) September 1st, Merritt Speedway in Lake City, Michigan. The pay out remains the same. This is a non-points event. This show is complete redo and all drivers are welcome.

$3000,$1100,$600,$400,$300,$250,$225,$200,$190,$180,$170,$160,$150,$140,$130,$120 out. $75 for non transfer cars.

3) September 6th-7th. The 1st Annual International Border Wars at Birch Run Speedway. Friday September 6th, is practice only. It’s not mandated, but highly recommended if you haven’t been to the track. The Midwest Dash Rules and Midwest Compact Rules will be honored at this race. This race will be a Rev X Oil National Points race and Lane Automotive North Series Points race. Saturday, September 7th, will be a full show. We already are getting calls from Canada.

Full Payout 50 Lap A Main

$2000,1000,500,400,350,300,275,250,225,200,and $150 out.

B Main $400 to win and $75 to start.

4) October 19th, Gingerman Raceway. This will be the 1st Annual Breast Cancer Awareness. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a charity selected by our drivers. Enduro entries will be capped at 80 cars. The payout is listed below for both the Midwest Compacts and Enduro Race. Pit passes will be $35. Fans will be invited to attend the race on the viewing hill for $15. There will be a 50/50 and more. Enduro entires include a pit pass and entry to the enduro. Please visit our website to register for the enduro.

Place Enduro Midwest

1 $4,000 $500
2 $1,000 $400
3 $500 $300
4 $400 $250
5 $300 $225
6 $225 $200
7 $200 $175
8 $150 $150
9 $125 $100
10 $100 $100
11 $100 $100
12 $100 $100
13 $100 $100
14 $100 $100
15 $100 $100
16 $100 $100
17 $100 $100
18 $100 $100
19 $100 $100
20 $100 $100

Totals $8,000 $3,400

5) The Banquet will be on October 19th, in South Haven, MI. This event will be at the Catered Creations building with more details coming soon.

6) We have several events in between these huge events so please visit our website for the upcoming Dash Series and Midwest races at www.midwestcompacts.com.