PRI Booth 2018


Registered and Paid Drivers:
Dean Wolever
Wayne Stack
Brian Sprague
Kevin Kruk
Dave Auringer
Ken Crabtree
Leah Howey
Chris Jackson
Paul Koffler III
Camille Lewis
Todd Metz Jr
Chad Gray
Makena Snyder
Noah Patterson
Clayton Oliver
Brandon Delacy
Ryan Hufford
Alex James

Registered but not paid drivers:
Bob Bogner
Ryan Hollister

Paid but not registered Drivers:
David Milbrand
Scott Ciesielski
Jake Albright
Phil Malouf
Don Rufener Jr.
Don Rufener III
Jacob Gustafson

Total count is 27 cars…
18 true memberships…
The membership is not complete until I have both money and registration form.

But be aware if you have sent registration or money to P.O. Box, I have not been there to check it since last week because of PRI. I will be there tomorrow.

We had 1107 prize registrations in the box.

I will put out a prize winners list out tomorrow and get any prizes not picked up at the event in the mail this week. If you were a winner of the Hero Card Packages, get with Michael Wood (Woody) at RW Motorsports Marketing to collect those prizes.

Thank you all for making 2018 a great season and a great PRI Show!!! Can’t wait to get 2019 started.!!!

Still have a couple weeks to save on your membership and get registered before the Jan 1st deadline of $100. Remember it goes to $125 after that until February 28th then March 1st it will be $150 the rest of the season.

Dates to remember:

February 16th 2019 is our Celebration of Champions Banquet for 2018 season in Three Rivers, Michigan… starts at 5 pm.
$30 a ticket for those 13 and older and $15 for 12 and under.
I need a head count of adults and children with money so we can get a good head count for catering. No ticket sales at the door..

Address to send registration and membership money or banquet tickets:

P.O. Box 436
Three Rivers, MI. 49093

Thanks once again for all your support for the MCTS!!!