With the dirt races and some big events coming up we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the rules and cars eligible to run at their home tracks and dirt tracks. These are the rules laid out to me that we are to follow when it comes to MCTS, Home Track, and Dirt Track drivers and cars eligibility.

MCTS rules require a fuel cell, containment seat, and a head and neck devise to run our series and that all our series drivers (members) cars meet the rules of the series. The series has always allowed a one week fix on items that aren’t too severe and performance enhancing. But all series cars must be legal by the MCTS rules when coming to your next race with the series. So if you ran a race this year with the series and are returning to run a second race, your car must be legal and meet all the series rules or the following will happen, you fix the problem that evening before going on track and be approved by tech,  or take a penalty in weight, points, pay or all 3, or you will be loaded and not be able to compete until the car passes tech.

Now as far as home track drivers, the series has always allowed them to compete under their track rules as far as fuel cells, seats, and head and neck protection, wheels and tires, in an effort to allow the “home track” drivers to compete at their track when the MCTS is visiting. But they must meet all other MCTS rules on weight, ride heights, suspension, etc…

Now for dirt tracks, the series has always tried to do a cross competition type of rule set. So the series lets the dirt drivers compete under their home track rules. The series reasoning behind this is these events don’t have a huge crossover from our MCTS members to dirt. On the other side of this when dirt drivers crossover to run pavement, they must meet the MCTS rule set.

We hope this explains to you “home track” and dirt track drivers/car eligibility in black and white why things are done on the rule side of things at the different venues. I’m told this has been the series policy since its inception.

Did you think you were the only one who has to follow the rules??? I have to follow rules set for me as well…

Thanks for your time!!!

JR Long